Kenno Leier

Kenno Leier

Regional Director Northern Europe, the Baltics, French speaking nations

Supporting and encouraging national leaders, assisting new M4 nations, networking, fundraising

Kenno’s passion is to see Christ’s body flourishing anew in Europe.

Kenno both married Jana and became a pastor in Estonia in 1995. They moved to Finland where they planted the Evangelical Free Church of Espoo. Kenno served as its senior pastor until 2021. Over the years Kenno has led GLS Finland, Alpha Finland and has been part of the New Wine Finland leadership team. He holds a teaching position in Church, Mission and Church Planting at Finnish Theological Seminary. During their sabbatical and study leave in Sheffield, the United Kingdom (2013-2015), God started to speak to them about their calling to Europe and serving together as a couple. Sheffield’s time included studies at the University of Manchester and leadership involvement in St. Thomas Philadelphia Church. Kenno has been the initiator and leader of the National Church Planting Process in Finland. Together with Jana, he founded M4 Finland and Church Planting Academy located in Tampere, Finland. 

Kenno holds both a Master of Theology in Ministerial Studies from University of Wales and a Master of Arts in Missions from University of Manchester. He is a certified senior team coach from Team Academy, Finland, and has certification in management and product development. Recently, he started as a doctoral researcher for PhD at the University of Helsinki.

Kenno provides leadership to M4 Europe and, together with Jana, he also leads M4 Finland and Church Planting Academy. He continues to serve as a pastor of the Evangelical Free Church of Espoo. Kenno and Jana have three adult children.