Our Values

Our foundational value is:

Christ Centered and Bible Based

We believe that church planting is God’s initiative and that it’s Christ Himself who builds His church. Therefore the authority of the Bible is essential for the content of M4 processes and tools. We believe church planting has to be done following the lead of the Holy Spirit through prayer, worship and discipleship to Jesus Christ.

Our essential values are:


Missional driven

We believe that as God sent Christ, we also are sent – to love people and share our lives with them and witness to Jesus. We want to reach more people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Kingdom Mindset

We want to practice church planting in a way that allows God to start a movement of healthy reproducing churches that glorify Him and impact society. We have a Kingdom mindset and therefore pursue spiritual unity seeking to work with different denominations, organisations and accepting different church planting models.

Relationship Based

We believe that God prioritises relationships above all else. We believe that the full wisdom of God is hidden in the whole body of Christ – His church. We want to behave in a way that values relationships highly as well as to have fun as we do His work.

Consistent Improvement

We believe that the work of the Kingdom must be done excellently. We will resist the temptation to think we have arrived. We will learn from our mistakes, seek out and listen to the feedback of others as we continue to change and improve the way we serve God and His people.