How did M4 Europe begin?


In 2007 a group of church planters and leaders from Norway came together to pray, talk and explore how they could develop a church planting process that trained not only the church planter but also the whole team. M4 Europe was birthed out of that process. Their belief was that the Great Commission is for all believers. And while anybody can be part of a church planting team, only some are called and gifted to lead a church plant.

They developed a training that focused on four main topics that come out of the Great Commission: Master, Mission, Multiplication and Movement.

Øivind Augland led this network and out of that in 2009 M4 Europe began.

From Norway to the first four nations


The first nation outside of Norway to implement the M4 Team Process was Latvia. In many ways, the M4 Team Process was co-developed with the Latvians. From there it crossed over the border into Estonia. At the same time, Øivind Augland was asked to come to Czech and Sweden and help start the M4 Team Process there. By the end of 2015, a team led by Øivind Augland and Arnt Jacob Holvik had implemented our church planting training process in five European countries.

From five to ten nations


As our organisation grew, we discovered the value of forming national leadership teams and we challenged them in the following ways: 

  1. Long-term: commit to running two cycles of the M4 Team Process.
  2. Indiginous: adapt and contextualise the M4 Team Process content within 3-5 years
  3. Multiply: start helping other regions or nations within 3-5 years 
  4. Community: gather each year with all M4 national leadership teams

Our process started in Romania, Spain, France, French speaking Switzerland and Russia. Teams from Slovakia joined the second cycle in the Czech Republic.

Nations serving nations: Five more nations join M4 Europe


We experienced organic growth as nations started serving other nations. During this period, the M4 Team Process was started in Poland, the UK, Finland, Ukraine, and German speaking Switzerland.

M4 Ready recruitment training


We started to see the need of a recruitment tool of potential church planters and leaders. Our of that need, M4 Ready was born. It is an online 9-month process which provides essential training for potential leaders, and potential church planters that want to plant, lead and multiply healthy reproducing churches in their nations. 

The first nations to implement M4 Ready were Norway, in 2019, Spain and Czech in 2021. We plan that seven more nations will begin by the end of the year.

Also, Germany joined as the sixteenth M4 European nation with the plan to start both M4 Team Process and M4 Ready in 2021.

God is Faithful


So far God has been with us, abundantly blessing each step of our journey. We pray, plan and work with anticipation that he will continue to build His Kingdom through the work of M4 Europe.