Daniel Hurta

M4 Connect Project Leader

New Ukrainian Mission Communities and Churches in Central Europe

Dan has been involved in church planting in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Turkey for the past twenty years. Dan’s dream is to see many new churches across Europe. He experienced a call from God to plant churches when he was 15 years old. 

Dan has founded Majak (Lighthouse) Church. For the past ten years he has worked as an Executive Pastor at the Majak Network. At the same time he has co-led M4 Czech training and led Executive Committee of the Czech Evangelical Alliance. Dan has served as a Board Chairman of Josiah Venture Czech Republic for four years.

Dan is trained as a construction technician. He and his wife Daniela have four children.

Currently Dan provides strategic consultancy in Central Europe with particular focus on connecting Ukrainian leaders with local leaders to start Ukrainian communities and churches connected with local churches in the region. Dan continues to serve as an elder of the Evangelical Free Church and a coach of new churches in the Majak Network.