M4 coaching is a one-to-one relationship between the church planter and their coach to help the church planter and their team move from where they are to where they believe God wants them to be by following the lead of the Spirit in making them more Christ-like.

Main Values





Role of a Coach

To draw out what the Holy Spirit has put in

To help the church planter and their team be obedient to what God is saying to them

To seek to help the church planter be the most effective leader possible while helping make the church planting project as effective as possible

We believe God is already at work ahead of us in and around the church planter and that His wisdom is in His Body. The coach loves the church planter, believes in what God can do through them, and has hope for them, especially in times of discouragement (1 Corinthians 13:13). 


We use the COACH model, developed by Keith Webb.

Connect: with the planter, with God, the dots
Outcome: determine the goal of the session
Awareness: use reflective dialogue that encourages discovery of new possibilities
Course: determine the action steps
Highlights: review main learning points and action steps

Coaching skills

Listen actively:

so that you can understand what the church planter is experiencing

Ask profound questions:

so that the church planter can find the best possible solutions

Respond constructively:

so that the church planter can move forward

Empower responsibly:

so that the church planter owns the action plan

Next steps

If you want to learn more about coaching, please, go to your national page.