We want to plant a healthy church in Northern Madrid that is actively equipping the church to reproduce in other healthy churches in Madrid and beyond.


  • Target area includes Monte Carmelo, Las Tablas, Sanchinarro and Valdebebas
  • Approximately 150 000 people in the area
  • Many residents work for oil companies, banks, and telecommunications located in the area
  • Madrid Nuevo Norte, one of the biggest urban developments in all of Europe, began in 2021. This project is adjacent to our current location and target area. If executed in its entirety following current plans, the project will reshape 2.65 million square metres of land and create an estimated 241 700 new jobs
  • No evangelical church exists in the target area, other than a Korean congregation


The team leader Peter McMillan has been working as a church planter and leader developer under The Evangelical Alliance Mission for 33 years. Prior to that, Peter and Sharon served as church planters in Venezuela for 20 years. 

 There are 7 people in our core team. The basic group is 45 people. Almost every Sunday we have about 45 visitors. At least 140 non-believers in Madrid are aware of our church plant because each of our 45 members has 3-5 friends, family members, and co-workers whom they pray for, visit and witness to. 


In the next 12 months

  • Raise at least EUR 43 100 for a matching grant for the down payment on a building that would be suitable for our ministry needs
  • Investigate at least five possible sites for our purposes
  • Every member actively praying for and discipling five people
  • Prepare men and women in expository preaching and teaching. Five men equipped to help with preaching and teaching. Five women equipped to teach.
  • Explore and implement ideas for outreach

In the near future

  • Membership of 80, including Spaniards
  • Our current disciples continue mentoring new disciples
  • We are installed in our own facility
  • Leadership structure is fully implemented
  • Stable economic structure sufficient for sustaining one full-time pastor and partial support for another church planter in a daughter church
  • Original leaders (American missionaries) phased out and redeployed elsewhere

Recommendation from the M4 Spain leader Francis Arjona

Peter Macmillan’s team has stood out for their consistency. Since their participation in the M4 Team Process in Spain in 2018, they have developed a good church planting project, which started in 2017 with 12 people. They have also managed to appoint an elder, several deacons and a good team of volunteers. From the beginning there were two missionary couples but now only Peter and his wife remain, the rest of the responsibilities have been taken over by the new church. I expressly recommend this project.


. The church itself is non-denominational, although Baptistic leaning. The network affiliations include FEREDE (legal representation before the Spanish government), M4 Spain, TEAM Spain (The Evangelical Alliance Mission).