To see how the Gospel transforms the lives of people in Ādaži.

We desire to be a church where people are faithfully following Jesus, are devoted to one another like a family, serve one another, and share the Gospel with people around them.


  • A municipality which is a suburb of the capital city Riga
  • Located next to the main military base of Latvia
  • The fourth fastest growing town in Latvia, increase by 15% in the last 5 years
  • 12 00 inhabitants
  • Two small Lutheran churches with some 75 people


The team leader Maris and his wife Karina Liepiņi joined the team in 2014. Since then, Maris has taken more of a leadership role, together with two other elders. Maris is an entrepreneur and leads his own scaffolding company.

 Our team participated in the M4 Team Process seven years ago, and it was very helpful to our growth in the early stage. Since then, our church has gone through various stages. When we officially established our church plant in 2013, we experienced steady growth, but then, due to some challenges, we lost a few people and plateaued for a few years. However, now we are in a good season and are experiencing growth despite the pandemic restrictions. We have a dedicated core team of 12 people. We average about 40 people in our online worship services. We are in the final stage of church planting.


Plan for the next 12 months:

  • Organize 2 events monthly for youth to reach non-Christians, share the Gospel, disciple them (Currently online, in person – as soon as possible)
  • Hire a youth ministry leader to effectively reach youth and work with them
  • Organize an online worship service every Sunday and educational seminars for couples and families once a month. (Currently online, in person – as soon as possible)
  • Have 2-3 outreach events in the town of Salaspils (50 km from Ādaži) to see a new church planted there in 3-5 years

In 3-5 years, we want to see:

  • 50 people regularly attend worship on Sundays
  • 80% of people are involved in discipleship through small groups
  • 50% of people are involved in different ministries by using their gifts
  • 50% of people in Ādaži are aware of who we are, where we meet, and what we are doing
  • People are being reached through Youth outreach, Marriage/Family events and outreach in Salaspils

Recommendation from the M4 Latvia leader Kaspars Šterns

Maris’ highest values are Jesus, family, faithfulness and ministry. He is also a very good leader and communicator. He can inspire people and encourage them to follow Jesus. Mission Baptist Church is located in a very strategic town, right outside Riga, the capital city. I strongly recommend both Maris and Mission Church team.


We are part of the Union of Baptist Churches in Latvia.