We create “Gospel-centered communities” in Lucerne, agglomeration and the towns around.


  • The center of the region in the middle of Switzerland
  • A city with lots of cultural opportunities and many students from all over the country
  • 176 000 inhabitants
  • Influenced by the Catholic Church and liberalism
  • Surrounded by many smaller towns


The starting team, Aaron and Alessandra Stutz, moved to Lucerne in 2013. After some years of struggling to reach out to people, we invested a lot in training people in evangelism. Now we see more success but still fight for more breakthroughs. There are 8 people in the core team and 40 more adults are committed to the church.

At the moment we want to distribute the responsibilities among different people so we can create space in the leadership team to start more “Gospel-centered communities” in the city, agglomeration and all the towns in the surrounding area.


  • Train and keep people accountable to share the Gospel until people regularly come to faith
  • Stabilize “Gospel-centered communities” and start 1-2 new communities
  • Create space for Aaron and Alessandra to train new leaders and communities
  • Raise funds and rent a building

Recommendation from one of the M4 Switzerland leaders, Walter Diem

As the lead assessor and assessment trainer I see the following qualities in this team: discipling and empowering young people for creatively engaging with the local realities; and including people from various cultural backgrounds. The team is discipling other people well and effectively developing new leaders. They work with a Kingdom mentality serving the whole body of Christ in their town and beyond.


We are a part of the G-Movement (