We want to be an open and understandable church where everyone has their place, value and can follow the teachings of Jesus Christ.


  • 7000 inhabitants
  • Primary school with 900 children
  • Only one evangelical church in the town – Církev bratrská


In 2018, a group of 15 people were blessed by Církev bratrská, our mother church, to plant a missional and open congregation oriented towards young people. For the first year we prepared worship services every Sunday, a children’s program, teen and youth meetings, and many other activities. Many new people came. We have been able to baptize four new believers in the last two years and we are praying for more.

Antonín Šeda, the church leader, has served as an elder since 1995. Since 2020 he has been the vicar of the church Dvojka in Letovice. Since 2020 he has only been working part-time and in his spare time he is devoted to the newly planted church.

Our team has 18 people, and our Elder Board has three people. We are participating in the M4 Team Process, together with nine teams from four denominations.


Plan for the next 12 months

  • Train people of the core team for specific ministries according to their gifts
  • Lead at least 10-15 people to Christ on a regular basis
  • Support our vicar in finishing his studies, further development and getting full ordination
  • Organize at least 4 larger outreach events with follow-up programs
  • Start reconstruction of our premises, a former disco place
  • Complete the climbing wall – boulder – mission for young dads with children and youth

In the near future

We want to be a healthy congregation that grows through a discipleship model and is open to planting churches in other cities in our area where there is no congregation. When we reach 40-50 members, we want to send another group of people to the town of Boskovice, to start another congregation there. We are already working intensively with children and youth there.

Recommendation from the M4 Czech Republic leader Jiří Unger
Antonín has demonstrated good leadership in the past and is proving it in the current team. His vision is a congregation that regularly starts new congregations. He combines his leadership role with his fatherly or pastoral role in an effort to give people space, opportunity, and freedom.

We are part of the Free Evangelical Church (Církev bratrská)

Learn more: www.dvojka-letovice.cz