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supports the work and vision of M4 Europe to plant one church a day on the continent of Europe
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Why Europe?


The nations have gathered in Europe through diaspora movements. There is a great opportunity to reach not only nationals but also the nations. God is using church planting processes like M4 Europe to multiply churches that multiply disciples of Jesus Christ.


With most European nations having only 2% or less of the population as professing Protestant evangelicals, as well as many as 40-60% professing atheists, Europe is in desperate need of the Gospel. An US worker who has been in Europe for 5 years explains: “This young generation of 20-35-year olds can be called unreached- not simply unengaged. They have no idea who Jesus is, they have never seen or held a Bible or heard its message, and there is no witness among them to share the Gospel with them.”


The continent of Europe has become a forgotten mission field. A misconception exists which is based on Europe’s great Christian heritage – that Europe is Christian, engaged in faith communities and resourced with people and funding; but in fact the opposite is true.


M4 Europe is a vital link in the advancement of the Kingdom of God across the continent of Europe! I believe that the church planting movement in Europe and the level of collaboration that exists is unprecedented in our times. M4 has emerged at the right time to join the wave of the moving of the Spirit. It is certainly worthy of our financial investment, but even more so of our relational investment!

Rick Pierson

Pastor, Compass National and Compass Global
The Compass Church
Napierville, Illinois

We strongly believe in the work of the local church, so it is important for us that we stand with organizations creating and enabling church planting, training, and equipping. M4 Europe is accomplishing these goals with great energy and vision. It is an ideal partnership for us in our effort to engage Europe with the Gospel through the local church.  

Joe Stowell

Executive Pastor

Woodmen Valley Chapel

Colorado Springs, Colorado


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