Craig Hamer

Valentina Leighton

Project Leader

Passionate prayer, project management, administrative assistance

Valentina has a heart for inner healing and prayer. She believes in the importance of raising healthy leaders who will reproduce new healthy leaders to serve the Kingdom of God.

She is originally from the south of Chile and has been serving as a missionary in Norway since 2018. She is married to Simon from Denmark, and together they are serving in Hånes Frikirke located in Kristiansand, Norway.

Valentina is educated as a clinical nurse and holds a research degree. Currently she works as a personal assistant to our CEO Øivind Augland, as the administrative leader in Hånes Frikirke, as well as project leader for various M4 Europe projects. Simon and Valentina are certified pre-marital counselors and are involved in different ministries that contribute to and focus on the church as the multi-generational body of Christ.