Andy West

Director of Digital Operations

Online platform management, website development and maintenance

Andy has a big heart for the unity of the ONE church and its ONE mission. His life’s mission is to help preparing the battlefield for the people, churches, denominations and organisations to work together in reaching people for Christ, and helping them grow in their faith through a relationship with God and with others as they discover what God has for them and how they can use it to serve others and living a generous life.

Growing up in a Christian family and community in the southwest part of Norway, Andy has always spent a lot of time serving in church. Before moving to Kristiansand in 2019, he spent over a decade serving in youth and young adult ministries within different denominations, as well as Christian youth festivals and youth conferences both inside and outside of the denominations. As of fall 2022, Andy currently lives and serves in Bavaria, Germany.

Andy has a Bachelor’s degree in Practical Theology, as well as a handful of leadership trainings both in business management and within the Evangelical Lutheran Free Church in Norway.

Currently, Andy is a part of M4 Europe working with website development, and also works part time for Exponential Europe. He is married to Stephany.