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Equipping your church to reach its community through planting, revitalising and growing churches

Our Vision

There’s no lack of church buildings, but with less than 2% of its population evangelical Christian, it’s no surprise that initiatives like the Alpha Course started here!

Despite having a strong Christian history, our vision is to engage our unreached people by planting, revitalising and growing churches that declare and demonstrate the life-changing power of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

67 million people

England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland

In England, English is an additional language for over 20% of primary school children.

What We Offer

equipping teams

M4 Team Process

The M4 Team Process is a two year long training that seeks to help the church planter and their team succeed in the first years of church planting. Success means that, at the end of the training process, the church planting team is prepared to launch a healthy reproducing church that glorifies God and impacts society.


Martin Erwin

National Vision Leader
We’re delighted to bring this successful training process to the UK. We believe that church planting is God’s initiative and that it’s Christ himself who builds His church. Therefore the authority of the Bible is essential for the content and message of the M4 Process. We want to see a multiplying movement of missional churches, leaders with a Kingdom mentality that seek relationships first and are open to changes and improvement when they walk into the future together with God and His church.

John Townley

M4 Leader
I am excited by the prospect of a strong relationship with M4 as we need a vehicle for training church planters and their teams. M4 resonates deeply with me as I love the method of training the church planter and the team together, formulating the action plan and a coach holding them accountable to their own action plan. Also, the four Ms are values that we in the Free Methodist Church wholeheartedly hold to.


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