M4 UK and Ireland

We want to see one church planted every day in the UK and Ireland

Our Vision

We want to see a move of the Lord through church planting in the UK and Ireland. New churches reaching new people and new communities and bringing God’s transformation to the entire region.

Our biggest differential is that we train the church planting team to become what God wants that church to be, and we do that through 3 main areas: Assessment, Basic Training and Coaching.

We are:


Team Focused

Missional driven

Relationship Based

What We Offer

equipping teams

M4 Team Process

The M4 Team Process is a two year long training that seeks to help the church planter and their team succeed in the first years of church planting. Success means that, at the end of the training process, the church planting team is prepared to launch a healthy reproducing church that glorifies God and impacts society.

Meet the Team

Luiz Cardoso

Regional director

The UK and Ireland

Debbie Hyde

Regional Facilitation coordinator

Daniele Cardoso

Regional Administrator


Albert Canfield

Regional Assessment coordinator 


James Hyde

Regional Coaching coordinator 


Zian Mackay

M4 Ready Regional coordinator 


Meet the Board Team

Martin Erwin

We want to see a multiplying movement of missional churches, leaders with a Kingdom mentality that seek relationships first and are open to changes and improvement when they walk into the future together with God and His church.

John Townley

M4 resonates deeply with me as I love the method of training the church planter and the team together, formulating the action plan and a coach holding them accountable to their own action plan. 


Giles Arnold

Church planting is tough, as I know from experience, so having a practical, applicable and biblical way of helping church planting teams is great and I am so excited that the Lord is blessing M4 with fruitful and enduring churches.


Promotion and events

Do you want to find out more about getting ready to start a new church or revitalise a church in your area?

Contact Us

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M4 UK and Ireland is a registered charity in the UK and operates under the name “CHURCH PLANTING INITIATIVE”. Charity number 1085172


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