We want to plant healthy churches where unchurched people enjoy going and experience a life change through the power of the Gospel. We desire that the hearts of these people be ignited for Christ, and that they will plant new churches in new places.


  • A regional city with
  • Approximately 65 000 inhabitants, most are Catholics
  • Several Catholic churches and three evangelical congregations (Lutheran, Free Evangelical, Independent)
  • A need for a church with the contemporary language of everyday people in the 21st century so that those, who are unable to find their place in the traditional church, can find a place where they feel accepted and at home


The team leader Jozef Grexa discerned God’s call to plant a church in 2020. This was confirmed to him by other leaders who decided to follow the path of planting a new church together. He and his wife Maruska have three children.

We are currently in the preparatory phase, trying to involve more people into our team. There are 7 people in the core team and some 15 people are committed to our church plant. The core team has started the M4 Team Process in April 2021.


In the next 12 months
  • Extend our community from 14 to 30 people
  • Design an appropriate model of the church
  • Find a new place and start regular mission community life and activities reaching at least 80-100 non-believers

In the near future

We believe that in 3-5 years there could exist a new concept of local church that would help many others across Slovakia to express church in a fresh way. We would like to be a vibrant, open and fully established church with a strong missional dynamic and practice full of life in Christ. See at least 40-50 people as part of our community with a large relational network of non-believers in Trnava.

Recommendation from the M4 Slovakia leader Dan Hurta

Jozef is one of our best leaders with a lot of missional fruit and a track record of leading others in his community to share the Gospel and live a missional lifestyle. As an experienced leader, he is encouraging others by his missional drive that led him to church planting. I highly recommend this team.


We started the process in the Slovak Lutheran church (ECAV). We are on the way to be officially recognized as the initiative of the local church in Trnava, our mother church.